How do you describe yourself as an artist?  I began to be a serious artist as my children became older and less ‘underfoot’. I would rather paint than do many other things offered by life.  I particularly enjoy painting in plein air and art trips to interesting or new locations.  My trips to Italy, France, and other locations have been very enjoyable.   I am an artist who produces for my own enjoyment, but I look forward to the recognition of a job well done by the sale of my work or a prize in a show.  New York State watercolor 16X20

Please describe your work.  I love color and I believe my work reflects this love.   One medium I use is pastel, and it lends itself to the use of vivid colors.  If I am working on a piece that is more neutral in appearance, I look forward to a pop or two of surprising or unexpected color before the piece is finished.  I appreciate artists that are ‘loose’ and abstract in their representation, and I strive to be that way also.  I love the beauty in nature and the world, and my choice of subject is most often the landscape.  My goal most often is to achieve abstraction in the landscape.

Describe the path you have taken to develop your art. My educational path in art began when my children became somewhat independent. I studied at the community colleges and also with art instructors in workshop settings.   I paint in watercolor and pastel, often using both on the same piece.

What inspires you?  I feel inspired each time I go to a beautiful spot along the California coastline. I feel grateful to have such easy access to this wonder.  I paint alongside other plein air painters and am constantly inspired by the great things they are accomplishing.  SOLD arm of the sea 9X12

What do you want to communicate with your art? I would like to communicate to the viewer that I, as the artist enjoyed the process of creating the finished painting.

Do you teach art?  I do give demonstrations for art leagues. I find it interesting to do a lesson plan that’s fun to deliver and hopefully is a successful demonstration.

Please talk about your associations with art groups, galleries and your experience exhibiting / selling your work.  I participate in the Huntington Beach Art League, The Pastel Society of Southern California, The International Association of Pastel Societies, and the Studio 250 critique group. I am represented by Copperwood Artware, 148 A Glassell Street, Orange. California.  I continually have six to eight paintings available in that location.  A few times, I have sold paintings to an interested passerby while working on location.

Please talk about your artistic journey and a specific topic that is near and dear to your heart.  For several years I was interested in photographing old barns. I have pulled the car over many times to stop for a barn photo, consequently ending up with a sizable collection of photos, including lovely countryside, and farmed fields, as well as the barns.   I began using them for painting references.   I enjoy the process of selecting the right photo, the right materials and creating a painting.  After my mother’s death, while sorting through her photos, I discovered that she also liked to take photos of old barns and wooden shacks.  It has given me a feeling of family connection, and in a way, artistic fate.

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